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Pre-Order The Tiny Modern Off-Grid Cabin Plan & Save!

The Tiny Modern Off-Grid Cabin Plan. 1 bedroom | 1 bathroom, 384 sq. ft., 24′ x 16′. Full Construction Plans plus design for all off-grid systems! Green/Sustainable Design.


Image of Tiny Modern Off Grid Cabin Plan. Pre-order now and get 30% off- offer expires 7/31/21.

**Pre-Order and save 30% off the regular price of $600. for this house plan!**

✔ This amazing cabin plan is on track to be completed approx. August 1, 2021.

✔ Pre-order customers will be contacted by Small House Works with a link to purchase the plans when they are ready! (Listing 2 will include all plans & documents for download w/balance payment of $240.)

No refunds or cancellations. Only pre-order customers will receive this special discount of 30% off.

-Architectural Floor Plans
-Interior Elevations & Details
-Framing Plans & Details
-Concrete Pier Plans (Foundation)
-Exterior Elevations & specifications
-Roof Plan & specifications
-Building Sections & Cross Sections (including enlarged construction details)
-Kitchen Design & specifications
-Window & Door Schedules
-Plumbing Plans, specifications & plumbing cut-sheets
-Sanitary Plan & cut-sheets
-Mechanical Plans, specifications & cut-sheets
-Electrical Plan, specifications & electrical cut-sheets
-Renderings of the cabin for your reference
-Architectural Materials & Finishes Guide
(full specifications for all materials in the design such as: exterior materials, kitchen cabinetry, lighting, plumbing fixtures, flooring, tile, etc.)

▪ 1,300 gallon Rainwater Harvesting System with reverse osmosis water purification system
▪ Self-Contained On-Site Sewage Treatment System
▪ Atmospheric Water Generator (for drinking water)
▪ Tesla Powerwall II (all-in-one battery storage cell, inverter, battery management system, battery
cooling system) & Solar Array
▪ 30 lb Propane Tanks (qty 4) for easy refills (no propane delivery service necessary)
▪ Energy-efficient dual-fuel Appliances & Mechanical (i.e. propane/electric refrigerator, range, Zeer 22 Mechanical rating)
▪ Energy-Efficient Plumbing & Electrical Fixtures (i.e. low flow/water sense certified fixtures)
▪ Smart Technology/Wifi ready equipment (i.e. smart outlets/switches, automatic window shades)

✔ This cabin has been designed with building/construction materials that do not require heavy equipment or large delivery trucks which can be difficult to navigate in remote locations.
No need for large excavation equipment for foundation work since the structure is on concrete piers, using Sonatubes for formwork. All materials can be brought to the site with a pickup truck and a 16 ft. flatbed trailer. Whether you are hiring a builder or building this cabin yourself, you will appreciate this. The cabin can be easily constructed by 2 experienced people.

No outhouses or sheds for equipment are required to be built separately/away from the house. All mechanical systems, components of the rainwater harvesting system, solar generator are located in an enclosed & insulated shed under the structure for easy access!


👉 Your purchase includes a License to build one (1) structure, one time.
Developers may contact us for additional licenses with special pricing.

Your plans will be received as a pdf digital download and you may print the pdf’s using a local printer (such as Staples) as well as email them to builders for printing, bids, materials quotes.

Pdf sheets measure 24″x36″ making the set of plans acceptable for submission to your local jurisdiction (if a submission is required) and crystal clear for your builder as well.


🔆Please feel free to contact us with any questions, any time.

Thanks for checking out The Tiny Modern Off-Grid Cabin Plan!

For your consideration…
Need a little extra help with furniture & decor? Virtual E-Interior Design Services are available. Contact us for details & pricing. This service can be ordered anytime.



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Introducing The Modern Off-Grid Cabin Plan…



1 bedroom | 1 bathroom | 384 sq ft.   All specifications for materials & finishes are included with the plans.

Specifications for this house plan will include:

  • eco-conscious & energy efficient house design
  • full electrical, mechanical, and plumbing plans
  • 3d renderings of all interior and exterior views of the cabin
  • construction details in color 3d rendering form
  • off-grid solar system 
  • atmospheric water generator
  • rainwater harvesting system with purification
  • smart home integration
  • off-grid appliances 

*please note the square footage was previously shown as 350 sq ft.  & has been corrected to 384 sq ft

Be sure to join our mailing list or follow us on Pinterest or Instagram to receive updates on the availability of this plan.

Looking for something a little larger?  Our Modern Farmhouse Plan is 870 sq ft and includes 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms.  Learn more about The Modern Farmhouse Plan here.


3d rendering of The Modern Off-Grid Cabin Plan. Text reads: Coming soon. The Modern Off-Grid Cabin Plan. 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 350 sq ft. Plans include specs for all materials and finishes. Small House Works logo at bottom next to website address

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Why the House Plan you buy should include much more than you think it should…

So why exactly should your house plan include much more than you think it should? and what is included in most House Plans anyway?

Well, here at Small House Works, we recognize that most people need a little extra help in visualizing the potential of the home they are about to build.

This is why we go the extra mile by providing much more than basic floor plans & standard construction details like most house plans out there.

All of our house plans include useful extras to help the homeowner with their house build from start through fruition!

Continue reading below to find out why the House Plan you buy should include much more than you think it should…

Graphic titled "Why the House Plan you buy should include much more than you think it should". Images below text of interior rendering by Small House Works showing a sample Master Suite, Modern open concept interior rendering, and Modern Industrial open concept interior rendering. Text at bottom reads:

When you purchase one of our small house plans you receive lots of extras including:

  • 3D exterior renderings showing all elevations of the house for homeowner reference.
  • 3D interior renderings of every room to help the homeowner visualize the space properly.  
  • All major construction details provided in 3D.  These crystal clear details will ensure accurate interpretation of the plans by your builder.  No clarification questions and no costly mistakes.
  • Full specifications of all construction materials and exterior materials and finishes such as siding, roofing, windows and doors, decking and railings, and lighting.  We strive to keep all construction materials as eco-friendly/sustainable as possible!
  • Full specifications of all architectural materials pictured in the interior renderings such as complete kitchen & bathroom material specs, lighting, flooring, staircase and railings, paint colors, closets & other storage solutions, and appliances). We also give our customers an 8.5″ x 11″ printable pdf document listing all of these recommended materials for easy homeowner reference.  This is especially useful in helping our customers get a quick jump start with material quotes and in making alternate decisions based on personal style and budget.


  • Some of our future house plans will have quantity take-offs with national average construction materials costs available.  This enables the homeowner (if doing a self-build) or the owner’s builder, to submit the take-offs to multiple supply houses for materials quotes in a quick and efficient way. We always recommend a few quotes be obtained for materials as well as for contractor bids (read our post “How to get the best construction cost for your home” here).

  • Purchasing a “Study Plan” from us is a good way to get a feel for construction costs prior to building with a house plan.  This enables a builder to give the homeowner a ballpark estimate & determine if the house plan is the right fit even before purchasing the plans.

So, as you can see, working with a set of House Plans is certainly an affordable way to build a house today.  But be aware that a very basic set of plans just including floor plans and 2D elevations and construction details can often leave the buyer confused and not knowing what to do next.  The first crucial steps in building a home will always include some work on the new homeowner’s part but with fully detailed house plans one can get a great jump start in the right direction.


We hope you now agree that the house plan you buy should include way more than you think it should! 

Read more about our AVAILABLE HOUSE PLANS OR VISIT THE SHOP PAGE HERE to see our competitive pricing and current sales.

Below is a sample gallery of the type of 3d renderings you will receive with your House Plan purchase with Small House Works