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Why the House Plan you buy should include much more than you think it should…

So why exactly should your house plan include much more than you think it should? and what is included in most House Plans anyway?

All of our house plans include useful extras to help the homeowner with their house build from start through fruition.

Graphic titled "Why the House Plan you buy should include much more than you think it should". Images below text of interior rendering by Small House Works showing a sample Master Suite, Modern open concept interior rendering, and Modern Industrial open concept interior rendering. Text at bottom reads:

When you purchase one of our small house plans you receive helpful extras including:

  • 3D exterior renderings showing all elevations of the house for homeowner reference.
  • 3D interior renderings of every room to help the homeowner visualize the space properly.  
  • All major construction details provided in 3D.  These crystal clear details will ensure accurate interpretation of the plans by your builder.  No clarification questions and no costly mistakes.
  • Full specifications of all architectural & construction materials and finishes are indicated in the documents.  These specifications include: exterior materials and finishes such as siding, roofing, windows and doors, decking and railings, and lighting & interior materials and finishes such as kitchen & bathroom material specs, lighting, flooring, staircase and railings, paint colors, closets & other storage solutions, appliances, etc.
  • A comprehensive Materials List is included with all of our house plans.  This is a document that lists the type of construction materials (e.g. lumber, insulation, etc.) and quantities that are required to build the house.  This is highly useful for obtaining materials quotes quickly and making timely decisions related to personal needs and budget.

As you probably know, working with a set of House Plans is certainly an affordable way to build a house today.  But be aware that a very basic set of plans including only floor plans, 2D elevations and minimal construction details can often leave the buyer of the plans confused and not knowing what to do next.  The first crucial steps in building a home will always include some leg work on the new homeowner’s part but with fully detailed house plans one can get a great jump start in the right direction.

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Below is a sample gallery of the type of 3d renderings you will receive with your House Plan purchase with Small House Works