Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in the plans?

Plan Sets include:

-Foundation Plan

-Floor Plans

-Exterior Elevations & Specifications

-Roof Plan & Specifications

-Building Sections & Cross Sections (including enlarged construction details)

-Kitchen Design & Specifications

-Schematic Electrical Plan & Specifications

-Plumbing fixture Specifications

-Window & Door Schedules

Your purchase includes a License to build one (1) structure, one time. Developers looking to purchase Multiple Licenses may contact us for pricing. Please read our full “License Agreement” prior to purchasing your plans.

How will I receive my house plans?

Plans are delivered electronically in PDF format immediately after purchase.
Simply download and printout as needed (i.e. for contractor quotes, construction loans, local building dept. review). PDF format gives you the ability to email or print as many times as needed to obtain quotes from contractors. It is industry standard for contractors to print out/pay for their own sets of plans (including sets for their sub-contractors) during the bidding process.

Are your plans ready to be submitted to my local Building Department?

A local Engineer will need to review the plans for compliance with local & state codes prior to submitting them to your local building dept. for permits. Since local and state building requirements vary from state to state you will need to retain a local Engineer to provide any additional documents that are required for building dept. submission.

Are your house plans modifiable?

We do not offer modification services to our house plans. Small house design requires a considerable amount of design thought (i.e. for the maximization of storage space, etc.) and we feel making major changes will take away from the functionality & potentially the overall feel of the house. Minor changes to such things as materials & finishes can be discussed with your builder.

How do I get an idea of how much it will cost to build a Small House Works Home?

Costs per square foot vary from state to state throughout the country for both materials and labor. Additionally, specific site conditions and quality of materials and finishes can affect costs. It is important to gather as many quotes from local contractors as possible to get a feel for these costs.

What is your Return Policy?

Our house plans are final sale. Please contact us if you have some questions you need answered to help you feel confident in your purchase. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

What makes Small House Works house plan unique?

Our house plans are a “whole house design” based on sustainable, green building design & construction principles. Every detail inside and out has been considered during our design process. A materials & finishes guide for both the exterior and interior of the house is provided at no extra cost along with manufacturer/supplier contact information. The buyer may utilize the guide to assist with preliminary construction costs, to make final selections & to help stay on track in building a sustainable home.

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